New Mixed Media Art

Here are just some of the new pieces I have been working on. Most of these are between 5″x7″ to 8″x8″ done on canvas and each one has a handmade frame that is about 1-3/8″ deep.

Click on the image if you want to see it larger!

Good thing for us all to remember:


This is a protest piece to draw attention to the danger of losing our bee population:


The inspiration for this one came during the days after the election:


Dare to dream no matter what your position!


I just think Dragonflies emit joy!



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New Post – new name!

Hi, it’s Cathie! Many of you that have visited this site in the past (and yes it’s been a long, long time, since I have updated it) knew me as Cathie Bechtell. A LOT has changed for me in the past few years and I am now Cathie James-Robinson since marrying my wonderful wife, Kathy Robinson, on May 21, 2016. I live in Davis now and am finally settled in enough in this great community to be focusing more on my art. I have a lot of new work to share and will be posting some of it on this blog in the very near future!


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Art Photography Portfolio Fall 2014

This gallery contains 16 photos.

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Water and Smoke

The Final 4 for the Water Drop/Smoke assignment in Studio Lighting class…!!!


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Help me choose!

Which egg shot should I print for my Studio Lighting project?

_DSC7309 _DSC7304

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Finally I am updating my WordPress! Here are a couple of new shots I have taken recently……


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The Final project!

Okay, here it is! This is a quick snapshot with my iPhone in class today after critique. I will post a better one later that I will shoot with my DSLR, once I figure out a good way to do that. The glass and the size (48 inches wide) will make it a challenge. As I said, I had to abandon the transfer method I was trying so hard to make work, but guess what? It turns out, I like the “work-around” better! For this piece, it was definitely the better way to go and I am much happier with it this way than I would have been. I guess the universe had to work hard to get me to go the right direction. Anyway, I am very satisfied with the end product and it went over big in critique as well. The class AND the professor loved it. So here is the photo, there is of course some light glare on parts of the glass, but I think you’ll get the idea. Whew! lots of work and some stress, but I knew I might run into problems along the way, so I kept a cool head and found a way to make it work in the end!


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The morning after…

This is what my studio looks like the morning after completing the final project! I’ll clean it tomorrow! The semester (all 3 classes) is officially over for me…..


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Update on the Color Photography Project



Well, this was taken last night….frustration abounding! Hard for you to tell but trust me, it wasn’t working out…..the Lazertran part, that is. After spending lots of time (and money) I had to abort that part of the project. Most of it was totally out of my control. I ended up having to rely on Fedex printing them and there were just too many inconsistencies as well as problems with their machine(s). So, since this project is due tomorrow morning, I had to make the decision last night to abandon the Lazertran part of it….for this project anyway. I was still able to keep all of my other elements, the glass panels, the random overlap, horizontally, vertically AND also the distance each panel is set out from the background is random. I just had to use traditional prints, but I found a way to mount them to the back of each glass panel. So….. I am done! But I did not want to post the photo of the completed project until after class tomorrow in case anyone from class happens to go on my blog tonight……I will do some more experimenting/pieces with Lazertran and post them in the near future. I am still inspired to work more on this concept. Come back tomorrow (or maybe the next day…..I’m exhausted) and see the completed piece!

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Topaz DeNoise Tutorial Video

For my “Trends and Software” class, we had an assignment to select a Photoshop Plug-in filter and create a video tutorial. This was out of both my comfort zone and area of expertise, so I was nervous about it for sure! So I’m a total beginner, but I think it turned out fairly well……

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